Holbeck Depot, Leeds

In December 2022, our teams successfully installed a brand new track connection in and out of Holbeck depot in Leeds, so that Northern’s train fleet can enter and exit the depot much more efficiently.

The work will assist reliability and create additional capacity on the line, particularly at the start and end of each day, allowing more trains to run. This will enable the line to be used as a key diversionary route to keep passengers moving by train during our major upgrades on the main line between York and Leeds, and Leeds and Huddersfield.

Take a look at the installation taking place:



As well as installing the new connection, known as a ‘scissors’ crossover because of its design, engineers also fitted and tested the supporting signalling infrastructure and electrical equipment, including points heaters to ensure access to and from the depot is maintained during freezing temperatures.

The huge Kirow 1200 crane, capable of lifting 125 tonnes, carefully moves a new section of track into position. Holbeck depot can be seen in the background.

While this work was being carried out, temporary accommodation was provided for Northern’s trains at Cobra Sidings in Wakefield, which our teams worked hard over the summer to bring back into service, enabling this vital Christmas upgrade at Holbeck to take place. Find out more about our work at Cobra Sidings here.