Leeds City Station

Work has now been completed to remodel the track layout between platforms 4 and 6, including the biggest track upgrade at Leeds station in 20 years.

Over 20 million people use Leeds station every year, making it the North’s busiest railway station. Following the successful completion of Platform Zero in December 2020, we have now completed work to remodel the track layout between platforms 4 and 6.

By remodelling the track layout between platforms 4 and 6, this improvement will bring smoother and more reliable journeys for passengers, by improving the way we move trains in and out of the west of Leeds station, reducing disruption.

Throughout Christmas 2021, more than 200 railway staff worked over 10 days to remodel the track layout and complete the biggest track upgrade at Leeds station in over 20 years. Part of this work included:

  • Renewing over 200 metres of track to improve reliability
  • Installing over 1500 metres of new electric wires
  • Extending platform 7 at the east end of the station to allow for longer services to call at the platform.

Platform Zero

We completed work to create the new Platform Zero in May 2021. This was the first new platform constructed at the station in nearly 20 years and it is now helping to reduce train congestion and meet the city’s growing demand for rail travel now and in the future.


Modernising the Station 

In November 2018 we began a major project to modernise the main southern concourse, with a new roof and stunning, glazed façade entrance the key elements of this exciting project.

This work transformed Leeds railway station into a world-class transport hub at the heart of the city, with more floor space created in the main concourse area.

The new, transparent roof replaced the dark and dated wooden roof and now allows much more natural light to enter the main concourse, creating a more pleasant, inviting environment.

The new glass façade, now befitting of the city, enhances the first impressions of the station for the tens of thousands of people that use it every day.

See how the new entrance was built:


Other station improvements

  • A re-aligned ticket barrier with more barriers installed at the main entrance which has significantly improved passenger flow.
  • New, free-to-use toilets in the main entrance and refurbishment of the toilet facilities on the platforms.
  • Longer-term plans to install new flooring on the main southern concourse.
Leeds City Station Entrance