Morley Station

As part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, Morley Station is being completely upgraded, to allow more trains and passengers to use the station. We know that the people of Morley have been seeking improvements to the station for some time, and so we are delighted to be able to deliver these now.

Perhaps the most significant improvement will be the step-free access throughout the station, via a new footbridge with lifts between platforms, and an access ramp on the entrance to the station.

3D impression of the new lifts and footbridge at Morley station

Key station upgrades

  • A dedicated drop off point located immediately in front of the station entrance.
  • Additional Blue Badge/PRM parking spaces in the car park with a much improved layout.
  • Two waiting shelters with entrances large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and double buggies.
  • Brand new seats on each platform.
  • New lighting to improve visibility and safety.
  • Tactile paving and braille markingsĀ  to aid passenger wayfinding for users with reduced sight or sight loss.
  • Passenger help points should passengers require assistance.
  • Significantly improved wayfinding including braille, contrasting colours, and increased signage.
  • Significantly increased number of Public Address (PA) speakers with additional induction loops.

Platform remodelling

In order to deliver the improvements listed above, and to accommodate changes to track layout, we will need to relocate the station platforms to the North-East towards Leeds (don’t worry, we aren’t moving them far!).

The platforms will be moved approximately 75m away from the tunnel entrance, and this will mean that longer trains with more seats can stop at Morley station. It will also help our engineering teams with the installation of overhead electric wires, allowing greener trains to run on a more sustainable railway.

3D impression of the new lifts, footbridge, and platform at Morley station

How will passengers be affected while work is being carried out?

The main construction work to deliver these improvements will take place between between 4 February and 11 February 2023, 17 June and 25 June 2023 and 19 February and 23 February 2024, when passengers will be subject to a total closure of the railway due to the amount of work that our teams are going to need to carry out. More information about rail replacement services will be posted here nearer the time.

How will lineside neighbours be affected while work is being carried out?

Outside of these dates we are going to try and keep passenger disruption to an absolute minimum, but this will mean working in and around that station on nights, where lineside neighbours may be subject to some disturbance.

Where this is the case, we will aim to give you as much notice as possible, and where appropriate, we may host community events where you can come along and ask us any questions you might have.