Transpennine Route Upgrade turns another page on Social Values

The Transpennine Route Upgrade has launched a new book along with author Chris Madeley.
Date 15.12.23

The launch event in Huddersfield saw 60 pupils from Spring Grove Primary get a first look at the book which is aimed at children and provides an insight into safety on the railway, the benefits of the Transpennine route Upgrade (TRU) programme and fun facts about the places along the route.

Other attendees included local councillors, who saw another chapter in TRU’s rollout of their sustainability strategy with a focus on social values.

The book, titled ‘Cones and The Transpennine Upgrade’, tells the story of four cones who travel across the route between Manchester and York, learning about the work taking place and how it’s completed.

Chris Madeley, creator of the ‘Cones’ book series, said:

“I am delighted to have written this book for the TRU programme – I think it’s a great way to engage children with the railway and its importance for the North.

“The book is fun and colourful, but also informative and educational. I hope the children enjoyed the book launch event and learned something new about the Transpennine Route Upgrade and how to stay safe near railways.”

The event underpinned TRU’s commitment to improve the lives of the communities along the Transpennine Route Upgrade, as outlined in its sustainability strategy. The strategy aims to ensure that the programme delivers positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes for the North, as well as improving rail travel for passengers. More information on this can be found in our suitability strategy at

Anna Humphries, Head of Sustainability and Social Values on TRU said:

“We are very pleased to have collaborated with Chris Madeley on this book – we think it’s a wonderful initiative to raise awareness and interest in the TRU programme among the younger generation.

“The book is not only entertaining, but also highlights the long term benefits of the programme and its role in shaping the future of the North.

“This opportunity links directing into our sustainability strategy, which outlines our aims to unlock significant economic, social and environmental benefits across the route. We hope the book will inspire the children to learn more about the railway and how major projects such as Transpennine Route Upgrades are completed.”

The TRU programme will transform the Transpennine main line into a high-performing, reliable railway, bringing more frequent, more reliable, faster, greener trains. Under its Sustainability Strategy, TRU will work with communities, engaging over 100,000 young people through inclusive education programme, employing 590 apprentices and delivering over 30,000 placement days to support new entrants joining the industry.