Barrowby Lane and Barrowby Foot Level Crossing


We’re proposing to close the two level crossings connecting Barrowby Lane to Nanny Goat Lane in Garforth.

We are responsible for maintaining the railway network, which includes making it as safe as possible for passengers and the public.

Because we are proposing to increase the speed that trains currently run on the track through Garforth, we want to close Barrowby Lane and Barrowby Foot level crossings. Level crossings can pose a serious risk to members of the public and we want to reduce the risk of an accident.

We are currently considering an option to replace these crossings with an alternative means of access and will share more details on this page in due course.

Current status and next steps

We are currently in the early stages of developing options to minimise the impact of closing these rail crossings and are engaging with landowners and key stakeholders potentially affected by the proposals.

We expect to hold a public consultation for the closure of the level crossings in 2022 and we will update this webpage with more information in due course, including on the consenting process and anticipated timescales.

The public consultation will provide the wider community with the opportunity to review our proposals and provide feedback. We will then use this feedback in the development of our preferred scheme.

Barrowby Lane Level Crossing
Barrowby Foot Level Crossing