Lady Anne Level Crossing, Batley

To improve journeys between Dewsbury and Leeds, and make the local railway safer, Lady Anne level crossing in Batley will be closed and replaced by a new fully accessible footbridge.
Lady Anne Level Crossing, Batley

Design and planning

One of the key elements for Transpennine Route Upgrade was that we didn’t impact the surrounding area and that the footbridge could be used by everybody.

As a result, our engineers completed multiple designs which incorporating feedback from local residents, to make sure it was in keeping with the surrounding landscapes.

Throughout the process, a number of community drop-in events were held which offered us an opportunity to explain more about the timescales for work, present designs and for residents to ask any questions they may have.

The footbridge, which measures just under 40 metres in length was delivered in sections by road, before being transport to the site. The installed took place over one weekend, with staff working around the clock. Take a look at it taking place here:


It was opened to the public on Monday 19 June 2023, allowing Lady Anne Level Crossing to be closed.

This brings us one step closer to enabling major railway improvements between Dewsbury and Leeds, such as faster, more frequent and more reliable trains. It is also part of Network Rail’s plans to eliminate safety risks by removing level crossings where possible and creating a safer railway.