York to Church Fenton Improvement Scheme

We’re upgrading the route between York and Church Fenton to provide a more reliable and resilient railway for passengers

The five mile stretch between Church Fenton and Colton Junction – the major junction where trains from Leeds join the East Coast Main Line towards York – sees over 100 trains each day, with a freight or passenger train passing through around every five minutes. This is one of the busiest stretches of railway in the North.

Along this stretch of route, we’re making major improvements that will enable faster, more frequent and more reliable train services to run. We are…

Installing new a drainage culvert beneath the line at Brumber Hill
Engineering work being carried out on a railway

An electrified railway brings many benefits but comes with its own risks. 25,000 volts of electricity will be running through the overheard lines at all times. That’s why we will engage with the community, station users, and local schools to help the public – especially young children – understand the added dangers an electrified railway can bring.